Therapeutic Areas


Path Pharma is active in the world of orphan and specialty medicines. The therapeutic areas we generally cover are in Oncology and Hematology as well as the common areas in Rare Diseases like Endocrinology and Neurology. With the advances in innovation in the biotech industry these therapeutic offerings are expanding into dermatology, nephrology, ophthalmology and more on the horizon.

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Market Access

Market access for rare disease and oncology/hematology products can be a complex and challenging process. Due to the limited patient population for these conditions, it can be difficult to secure funding and gain approval from regulatory bodies.


The medical department plays a crucial role in selling rare disease and oncology/hematology products by providing scientific and medical expertise to support the use of these products. Here are some of the key functions that the medical department typically performs.

Patient Support

Working with Patient Support Programs (PSPs) in rare disease and oncology/hematology is essential for improving patient outcomes and ensuring that patients have access to the resources they need to manage their conditions. Here are some of the key benefits of working with PSPs: